How technology can supplement the human relationship between lawyer and client with Suzanna Kalendzhian
with host Andrea Perry-Petersen

In this episode no. 10, I interview lawyer and entrepreneur Suzanna Kalendzhian.

Suzanna is Co-founder and CEO of Legal Advice Middle East, the AI-powered legal services marketplace which operates in 13 countries across the region and helps people to access justice by allowing them to find, communicate and transact with lawyers online.

In this episode Suzanna shares her personal journey as a female legal entrepreneur working in the middle east, why she believes in the vision of Legal Advice Middle East and how she maintains that belief during challenging times.

From this discussion you’ll gain an understanding of key factors for change management and how to gain momentum in your business or practice, options for what to do when you are faced with practising in an area you don’t specialise in, the best combination of skills for a legal tech start up and how to maintain a positive mindset.

You will want to listen to this episode if you are interested in entrepreneurship in a legal context and the role of regulation regarding legal tech initiatives, and making legal assistance more accessible.

Deconstructing law to reimagine self-help with Lois Lupica
with host Andrea Perry-Petersen

In this episode no. 9  I interview Professor of Law Lois R Lupica who is currently visiting Melbourne Law School as a fulbright senior scholar. 

As lawyers we sometimes struggle to understand the complexity of legal information. This is magnified for those without a legal education especially if they are experiencing stress in their lives. While Lois’ research is all about making legal self-help materials easier to understand, this episode will be of interest if you’ve ever had to transform any kind of complex information into plain language and especially if it was important that people should take action based on that information.

We discussed how to know if a product or service you’ve developed is effective.  After all, just because someone uses it doesn’t mean it is useful. Lois shares her view about the real issue underlying the access to justice crisis.

This episode will appeal to those of us who are required to communicate challenging concepts and anyone who would like to understand how to measure the effectiveness of the communication to know if it is improving outcomes.

I found my conversation with Lois exciting and refreshing and when you listen I’m sure you’ll understand why.

Communicating the law through illustrated storytelling with Kanan Dhru
with host Andrea Perry-Petersen

In this episode no 8 I speak with Indian based lawyer Kanan Dhru.

Kanan is a legal innovator with over 10 years of experience in the areas of law, policy-making and justice innovations.  She is a strong believer in the benefits of simplifying legal information and in 2014, won the “Innovating Justice Award” at the International Court of Justice in the Hague for her groundbreaking work as founder of Lawtoons, LawForMe and the Research Foundation for Governance in India.

In a country that is one of the major players in the tech world, more people have access to technology than justice and this influences how Kanan informs people about the law.  She questions “When the world around us is increasingly moving online, why should the law be an exception? In a world where people use graphics and visuals as a language, why should the law stay bound to dusty law books?”

You will be surprised by Kanan’s thoughts on who is most likely to disrupt the profession. She shares how the definition of community has changed with the rise of global communication, her inspiration for starting LawToons and LawForMe, how she collaborates with people from other disciplines and what it’s like to be a female legalpreneur in India.

You will enjoy this episode if you are interested in finding effective ways to communicate complex information of any kind.

Robot lawyers and automating legal expertise with Chrissie Lightfoot
with host Andrea Perry-Petersen

In this episode no. 7, I speak with Chrissie Lightfoot, a London based lawyer, creator of Robot Lawyer Lisa and CEO of Entrepreneur Lawyer, a global consulting company. Chrissie is an international speaker and author and last year was named one of the American Bar Association’s Law Technology Resource Center’s Women of Legal Tech.

The theme for this episode is “robot lawyers and automating legal expertise” with a tagline “it’s all about the customer” as this is a big driver for Chrissie.

In the conversation we cut through the hype about robot lawyers to describe what they really are and what they really do. We also talked about regulation of lawyers and law tech products and people’s trust and uptake of technology.

Chrissie shares the experiences that led her to this point and by the end of the episode you will have heard how AI can be incorporated into legaltech and law tech products, understand Chrissie’s purpose and just what it takes to be an entrepreneur working at the cutting edge of legal innovation for the everyday consumer of legal services.

Persistence with purpose – one woman’s entrepreneurial journey to improve access to justice
with host Andrea Perry-Petersen

In this episode I speak with Katie Richards, lawyer, founder and CEO of online law firm Virtual Legal. 

Katie and her team are achieving their ambitious vision to deliver a sophisticated public self service legal system. Katie shares how she went from corporate lawyer to running an online law firm; practical and regulatory challenges she’s faced, how she came back from an incident that nearly destroyed her company – and her tip for action towards the end of the interview is gold.

You will hear about her commitment to corporate social responsibility and what a fire extinguisher has to do with her business model.  We also talked about pie…

If you run a business you’ll empathise with much of what Katie shares. You will especially appreciate this interview if you are trying to incorporate more tech into your practice or interact with clients in more user friendly ways.

Understand the problem: learn by doing and collaborating – with Melissa Moss
with host Andrea Perry-Petersen

Today we hear from lawyer Melissa Moss, an access to justice strategist based in Florida.

With her extensive experience in legal aid organisations, Melissa has strong views on the best uses of technology, explains what “community lawyering” is in simple terms, and on a more personal note shares how she keeps up with all the latest information and how to incorporate what she learns into the projects she’s working on.

The theme for this episode is taking time to understand the problem and learning by doing and collaborating, and it will appeal to you if you are a strategic thinker, systems designer or interested in technology and human centred design as it applies to legal aid, grassroots or community lawyering.

Melissa’s thoughtful and considered approach is exceptional in this era of a bias towards action and the rush to release the next big thing.

If you are new to the podcast find out more about me and why I started this podcast in the trailer. Thanks for tuning in!

Innovation to address significant social wrong through business with Luke Geary of Salvos Legal
with host Andrea Perry-Petersen

Andrea talks with Luke Geary, founding partner of the world’s first social enterprise law firm, Salvos Legal.   

Luke is a creative and strategic thinker but also someone who makes things happen. We covered so many topics including how he came up with the idea of a social enterprise model for a law firm, the challenges of running a business, his work to end modern slavery, investing in local communities, what he considers to be legal innovation and how technology can minimise legal disputes, and towards the end we discuss how a fortune cookie shaped his career!

Did you know there are over 15 000 people in modern slavery in Australia today?  We recorded this interview in December 2018 a couple of days after Human Rights Day which coincidentally was when the Modern Slavery Act was passed into law and which we talk about in this episode.

The theme for this episode is innovation to address significant social wrong through business.

This episode will be of significant interest to you if you are struggling with sustainable funding for your organisation, want to know more about the impact of the Modern Slavery Act on your business, or wonder how you can do social good while making money at the same time!

Innovating dispute resolution for the future with Shannon Salter, Chair of the Civil Resolution Tribunal
with host Andrea Perry-Petersen

Andrea speaks with Shannon Salter, chair of one of the world’s first online dispute resolution tribunals!

Shannon was very open about the challenges of establishing the Civil Resolution Tribunal, made surprising observations about how the service is being used by Canadians and the benefits of resolving disputes online.  

Her comments about how online dispute resolution is strengthening communities is fascinating.  Also listen in to find out what a wall has to do with the success of the tribunal (you can probably guess it’s nothing like the wall that’s been in the news lately!).

The theme for this episode is modelling a successful legal innovation project and it will be of interest to you if you have ever led a new project, work in the public sector or see the potential for online justice.

Tune in to Reimagining Justice to become part of a global community of changemakers in the law.

How innovation can address wicked problems with Mark A Cohen – CEO Legal Mosaic and “Catalyst-in-Residence” at Singapore Academy of Law
with host Andrea Perry-Petersen

Can innovation address wicked problems like access to justice? Is the legal profession keeping up with a changing world? Join Andrea as she speaks with global thought leader Mark Cohen as he questions the status quo and suggests ways in which lawyers and technologists may collaborate.

It is a very lively and candid discussion and while all his views are proffered with empathy and deep insight Mark offers critiques about professional regulation, lawyers and not-for-profit organisations.

Mark questions the status quo, reveals his views on what professional regulation should really achieve, and hints at how lawyers and technologists work best together.

Whether you are a lawyer, entrepreneur, academic, student or simply someone interested in new perspectives on old problems, you’ll enjoy Mark A Cohen…

Challenging the status quo with passionate law student Mollie O’Connor
with host Andrea Perry-Petersen

If you are curious about what the future of the legal profession will look like you can’t miss this very first interview!

Andrea speaks with passionate law student Mollie O’Connor. Mollie is a purpose-driven individual, a humble and quiet achiever working on big things! As coordinator of its first access to justice hackathon Mollie is doing ground-breaking work as a founding member of The Legal Forecast, a not-for-profit organisation which aims to advance the legal profession through innovation and technology.

In this episode Mollie reveals why a group of law students set up a not-for-profit organisation, what drives her career choices and the factors that will make the most difference for those innovating in law.

The theme of this episode would have to be the importance and effectiveness of awareness raising, information sharing, and education and Mollie is committed to doing that for the issues close to her heart, namely Indigenous Rights, innovation and access to justice.

It was a delight talking with Mollie, please enjoy the conversation….

The law, social justice and innovation – Introducing “Reimagining Justice”
with host Andrea Perry-Petersen

It’s here! The new global podcast all about law, social justice and innovation!

Join Andrea Perry-Petersen, lawyer, innovator and social justice advocate as she introduces “Reimagining Justice” – what you’ll learn, who she’ll interview, release dates and why she started this podcast.

  • Law

  • Innovation

  • Social Justice

I have worked with Andrea in digital technology, research and clinical legal education projects in the legal assistance sector. Andrea is a resourceful mentor and innovator, who inspires and supports teams with client-centered solutions to deliver excellence in legal practice. She has inspired me to be a lateral thinker in a world where law and technology can no longer live apart.

Raquel Dos Santos, Managing Lawyer, Pro Bono Connect, LawRight

Andrea is a rare shining star in the legal industry. She is passionate towards driving legal innovation but also with a strong focus on improving social outcomes. She’s also great to work with so I encourage legal innovators and disruptors to lend her support in helping change the industry.

Brian Atkin, Head of Innovation Klyp Labs, former Director Digital Transformation Dept of Justice & Attorney General Qld

Andrea’s knowledge of the access to justice and legal tech space is spot on. Her insightful feedback and suggestions have been invaluable for myself and team ANIKA in developing and improving our prototype for the Global Legal Hackathon 2018 (and beyond!). Andrea has a wealth of knowledge and most importantly, she’s happy to share it! I can’t thank Andrea enough for her support thus far.

Perveen Mann, Lawyer and co-founder of ANIKA

Andrea approaches problem solving with a unique perspective that draws on her diverse industry experience, innovative mindset and most importantly, empathy and passion, allowing her to deliver results that really make an impact for all stakeholders, no matter whether they’re disadvantaged clients or law firms looking to leverage technology.

Stevie Ghiassi, CEO Legaler

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