Episode 42 “The key to embedding digital transformation in any organisation with Kate Fazio”

Episode 42 “The key to embedding digital transformation in any organisation with Kate Fazio”

Each Reimagining Justice episode covers issues at the intersection of law, social justice and innovation.  You will enjoy it if you are someone who hopes to improve people’s experience of the law through new ways of thinking and doing.

In this episode no. 42 I speak with Kate Fazio, Head of Innovation and engagement at legal services charity Justice Connect, where Kate leads an interdisciplinary team to develop products and strategies such as the Gateway Project and Pro Bono Portal to increase access to Justice.

For her work transforming justice, Kate has received many awards including the 2020 Telstra Business Women’s Award (For Purpose) and the 2019 Victorian Premier’s Design Award in Service Design.  As a lawyer, technologist and journalist with a Masters in Social Impact, Kate is a change-maker bringing an intersectional lens to improving access to justice in Australia.

This interview will be helpful if you want to embed digital transformation across your organisation or guarantee a program with impact.  And wait until you hear Kate’s definition of MVP.

You should listen to this episode if you want to know more about:

  • The work of Justice Connect (“JC”), its clearinghouse function and how it assists individuals and not-for-profit organisations
  • How online strategies have extended JC’s impact
  • How JC determined its digital transformation strategy
  • The human-centred design process for digital innovation projects
  • The best time to release a digital product
  • The tensions that exist when prioritising projects and for community lawyers working with agile project design
  • Sources of funding for new projects
  • How JC digital projects have assisted with response to the Australian bushfires and the pandemic
  • The key benefits of technology
  • The role of data and measurement
  • The “divide” between private and public legal service delivery
  • The role law schools could take to research the social impacts of the law
  • Kate’s definition of legal innovation
  • How her views have changed since commencing this work

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