“80% of Australians are unable to obtain legal assistance when they need it. It is time for a change.”

I can advise you on strategies to connect with the massive latent legal market, at the same time increasing accessing to justice.”

I am a lawyer, who through collaboration, persistence and service innovation is determined to make a positive social impact. My diverse industry experience comprises governance, commercial law, human rights and community law. A combination of skills in innovation and program design, research, education, communication & functional literacy, litigation, law reform and process improvement, provides me with a unique perspective.

My passion to create positive change and my curiosity leads me to constantly expand my knowledge. Current research interests include design thinking in human services, data analytics to better understand community need, digital innovation to address social problems and new models of multidisciplinary collaboration. With an extensive network amongst the legal profession, start-up and community sectors I am well-positioned to lead change.

Andrea Perry-Petersen
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Other roles / Memberships

Queensland Law Society  – Innovation Committee

The College of Law – Centre for Legal Innovation

Legal hackathons – T C Beirne School of Law The University of Queensland #KLM Transform Law and The Legal Forecast #Disrupting Law 
Judge and Mentor

Bond University Faculty of Law – Centre for Professional Legal Education
Industry Member

Queensland Law Society – Access to Justice & Pro Bono Law Committee
LawRight Representative (2017)

Women Lawyers Association of Queensland Inc.

Queensland Lawyers’ Pro Bono Network

Amnesty International Australia

Self Represented Litigants Working Group (Forms & Technology) (USA)

Brisbane TEDx

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I have worked with Andrea in digital technology, research and clinical legal education projects in the legal assistance sector. Andrea is a resourceful mentor and innovator, who inspires and supports teams with client-centered solutions to deliver excellence in legal practice. She has inspired me to be a lateral thinker in a world where law and technology can no longer live apart.

Raquel Dos Santos, Principal Lawyer, Public Interest Law & Court Programs, Justice Connect

Andrea is a rare shining star in the legal industry. She is passionate towards driving legal innovation but also with a strong focus on improving social outcomes. She’s also great to work with so I encourage legal innovators and disruptors to lend her support in helping change the industry.

Brian Atkin, Head of Innovation Klyp Labs, former Director Digital Transformation Dept of Justice & Attorney General Qld

Andrea’s knowledge of the access to justice and legal tech space is spot on. Her insightful feedback and suggestions have been invaluable for myself and team ANIKA in developing and improving our prototype for the Global Legal Hackathon 2018 (and beyond!). Andrea has a wealth of knowledge and most importantly, she’s happy to share it! I can’t thank Andrea enough for her support thus far.

Perveen Mann, Lawyer and co-founder of ANIKA

Andrea approaches problem solving with a unique perspective that draws on her diverse industry experience, innovative mindset and most importantly, empathy and passion, allowing her to deliver results that really make an impact for all stakeholders, no matter whether they’re disadvantaged clients or law firms looking to leverage technology.

Stevie Ghiassi, CEO I Legaler

Andrea has made so many fantastic contributions to the legal innovation and legal services space across a range of legal sectors.

It was great to learn about digital innovation and access to justice through her presentation for ACT Law Society members and law students in an engaging way. Andrea provided a succinct snapshot into the ways that digital innovation can improve legal service delivery, particularly for clients facing barriers, as well as some of the challenges. The examples of innovative legal education tools from overseas innovators definitely resonated with me as a community lawyer.

Farzana Choudhury | Senior Solicitor , Disability Discrimination Law - A program of Canberra Community Law

Andrea’s presentation was informative and engaging. She outlined various projects investigating the use of digital platforms to promote access to justice, particularly for those with disabilities. I hadn’t previously considered this issue and enjoyed thinking about potential technologies which could be developed to support access to justice.

I found Andrea’s comments on the importance of collaboration particularly interesting. Access to justice is often discussed as an issue for lawyers to solve. However, much greater benefit could be gained by taking a collaborative approach to promoting access to the legal system: involving specialists across IT, design, medicine and policy.

Many lawyers are hesitant about using cutting edge technologies due to fear that embracing digital innovation will reduce the need for their skills, or put them out of their depth. However, Andrea made the important point that these platforms can be used to help lawyers access more of the population that need them, do their job better, and ultimately contribute to a more inclusive and effective legal system.

Rebecca Crisp , Law student I Australian National University

I always learn something useful from Andrea.

She has deep knowledge of how technology can be applied to improve delivery of legal services. Combined with curiosity and clear thinking, she produces practical and eminently sensible advice.

Andrea was an invaluable help to our team during the development of our family law mediation website, Peam.

With her support, our team went on to win the 2021 UQ x KWM Transform Law Competition and place as semi-finalists in the 2022 Westpac Youth Impact Challenge. Andrea took time to listen patiently to our idea and offer wise suggestions for improvement and refinement, along with a range of helpful resources. She also made personal introductions to help us connect with some key players in our target industry. Her wide network and deep knowledge of the client experience was essential to our team’s success, and we could not be more grateful.

Grace, Felix, Leidi and Nelson (the 'Peam' team), peam

I have used Andrea’s consulting services as the first step in assessing whether and how to build a legal product for self-represented litigants in family law.

Andrea listened carefully to my idea and provided me a comprehensive plan for me to consider and implement.  Well worth the time and money.

Andrea was able to draw on her extensive knowledge of innovation in the legal sphere to help us stay focused on social impact while navigating the complex social and regulatory challenges involved in making change. Her interest in access to justice is deep and the resulting passion and curiosity is infectious.

I recently had the privilege of interviewing Andrea Perry-Petersen as part of a panel session for the 2021 International Conference of Legal Regulators.  ICLR is an annual conference attended by regulators of legal services and the legal profession from right across the world.

The subject of our panel discussion was ‘AI in the Access to Justice Toolkit’, and there are few people better qualified to comment on this topic than Andrea.  Andrea’s research for her Churchill Fellowship has given her a deep and wide understanding of the potential and the limitations of AI, and of the other elements required to successfully employ technology to increase access to justice.  Legal services regulators are coming to grips with their responsibility to remove barriers to affordable and accessible legal services and they very much appreciated being able to hear from a speaker of Andrea’s calibre.

Jennie Pakula, Manager, Innovation & Consumer Engagement I Victorian Legal Services Board + Commissioner

Andrea was incredibly generous with her insight and time as I embarked on my Distinguished Fellowship with the Centre for Legal Innovation. My work focused on multidisciplinary teams within the legal profession – what this concept means in the context of the profession, who is doing it well, and where is this area heading for the future of the profession.

Having not undertaken a significant research piece for several years, I knew I had some gaps in how best to approach this challenge. Andrea spoke with me about her own research experiences and challenges with a refreshing openness and candour that stayed with me throughout my Fellowship. Her approach in our interactions has consistently felt attentive, patient, kind, and above all curious. I have found her insights valuable and relatable in my work while her ability to provide constructive and relevant suggestions clearly demonstrated her refined skills in listening and her content knowledge.

Sarah El-Atm, General Manager, August

I was so honoured when Andrea accepted my invitation to join the Legally Yours Advisory Board. 

Andrea’s strategic thinking, academic knowledge, her in-depth understanding of digital innovation and her human-centred design thinking expertise makes her a standout in the legal profession.

Andrea’s contribution as an Advisor has been so invaluable and instrumental in propelling Legally Yours into its next phase of growth. 

Karen Finch, Founder & CEO Legally Yours & Vice President of the Australian Legal Technology Association, Founder & CEO Legally Yours & Vice President of the Australian Legal Technology Association

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