Episode 30 “How a creative legal advocate is democratising legal information with Hallie Jay Pope”

Episode 30 “How a creative legal advocate is democratising legal information with Hallie Jay Pope”

In today’s episode no. 30 you are in for a treat when you hear from Hallie Jay Pope, founder and director of the Graphic Advocacy Project “GAP”, a non-profit that uses visual communication tools—like comics, graphic design, and animation—to explain legal concepts and advance social justice. Hallie works with advocates and communities across the United States to create visual legal resources that engage, inform, and mobilize.

Hallie is a delightful and creative person and very clear about her mission and how to achieve it, by drawing on her skills as an artist and designer, and lawyer.

In this episode she shares how she became a legal cartoonist, how the GAP came about and the projects she’s worked on over the last 3 years. Hallie has strong views about why legal information is so hard to understand and discusses the biggest advantage of her law degree.  Hallie was very frank about the challenges of founding and running the GAP and no doubt there will be entrepreneurs listening who will empathise.

We talked about naked characterisations of people – you’ll just have to listen to make sense of that and towards the end of the interview, Hallie defines legal innovation by what it’s not – both a lawyerly and creative response.

You should listen to this episode if you want to understand the benefits of visual justice, or you are challenged by resourcing and fundraising in your organisation and of course, if you are interested in making the law more understandable to the everyday person.

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