Episode 81 “The art of the possible, the doable and the sustainable with Brian W Tang”

Episode 81 “The art of the possible, the doable and the sustainable with Brian W Tang”

Reimagining Justice covers issues at the intersection of innovation, law and social justice and you will enjoy it if you’re someone who hopes to make a positive improvement to people’s experience of the law through new ways of thinking and doing.

In episode no. 81 my guest is Brian Tang, Founding Executive director of LITE Lab@HKU and Co-chair, Asia-Pacific Legal Innovation & Technology Association (ALITA). We discuss:

  • Brian’s career path (which will be interesting to law students);
  • How he became involved with innovation in the law in Hong Kong;
  • The main justice issues in Hong Kong;
  • What LITE stands for, and why it is intentionally a “Lab”;
  • How the Lab works with students from 6 out of the 10 faculties at Hong Kong University;
  • Topics and the experiential experiences that are covered in the Lab’s courses and why;
  • How LITE Lab partners with tech start-ups, NGOs and in-house counsel to co-design research projects;
  • Examples of the innovative projects including workers compensation, low-income tenants, discrimination, women’s rights, human trafficking and foreign workers;
  • Cultural foundations of ‘pro bono’ and differences in approach across the world;
  • Capacity and evolution of NGOs affecting their response to implement technology;
  • Why Brian considers the LITE Lab a ‘marketplace’ of sorts;
  • The criticism that undergrad courses and hackathons are not effective;
  • The potential of low code/no code, including the ability to maintain software in-house;
  • Need for integration with existing corporate and NGO systems;
  • Issues of funding and software sustainability of applications developed by NGOs;
  • Impact investing, ESG requirements and social entrepreneurs’ potential for the future;
  • Asia-Pacific Legal Innovation and Technology Association’s (“ALITA”) mission;
  • Categories of ALITA awards (closing soon!); and
  • Brian’s definition of legal innovation!

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