Episode 9: Deconstructing law to reimagine self-help with Lois Lupica

Episode 9: Deconstructing law to reimagine self-help with Lois Lupica

In this episode no. 9  I interview Professor of Law Lois R Lupica who is currently visiting Melbourne Law School as a fulbright senior scholar. 

As lawyers we sometimes struggle to understand the complexity of legal information. This is magnified for those without a legal education especially if they are experiencing stress in their lives. While Lois’ research is all about making legal self-help materials easier to understand, this episode will be of interest if you’ve ever had to transform any kind of complex information into plain language and especially if it was important that people should take action based on that information.

We discussed how to know if a product or service you’ve developed is effective.  After all, just because someone uses it doesn’t mean it is useful. Lois shares her view about the real issue underlying the access to justice crisis.

This episode will appeal to those of us who are required to communicate challenging concepts and anyone who would like to understand how to measure the effectiveness of the communication to know if it is improving outcomes.

I found my conversation with Lois exciting and refreshing and when you listen I’m sure you’ll understand why.

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