Episode 34 “Client focussed, technology enabled employment law advice with Carly Stebbing”

Episode 34 “Client focussed, technology enabled employment law advice with Carly Stebbing”

In this episode no. 34, I speak with Sydney-based lawyer Carly Stebbing who established Resolution 123 – a law firm using technology and flexible work to deliver employment law services to employees in a fast, simple and affordable way.

Carly has over 13 years of employment law experience working for employer associations, law firms and volunteering at community legal centres. The fact that she has worked for employers means she has the benefit of knowing how employers think and what their lawyers will be advising them. Carly is a Flexible Workday Ambassador and has numerous awards, winning law firm Innovator of the Year in last year’s Women in Law awards.

This episode covers a lot of ground and will have wide appeal, especially if you’re interested in how to run a client focused firm for the everyday person while incorporating technology into your business model.

Carly shares the concerns that initially prevented her from starting her firm, and the factors that came together to mean she eventually did take the leap from a secure position as partner to start-up founder in a relatively untested market.  What Carly has come to learn is that there is demand for a firm offering legal services in the way she’d imagined and that the missing middle is a large and largely untapped legal market.

Of course right now employment is a big issue facing our country and around the world and so we also talk about where and how she is sharing information that will most effectively assist workers to make informed choices and advocate for their rights.  Those of you interested in legal design will be curious about that part of the interview.

Resolution123 has adopted a very agile approach to shift quickly to address employment law matters which have arisen out of the pandemic, which I have to say is no small thing.  You might get some ideas here about how to adjust some of your services to meet the current needs of your clients.

Carly was very open in discussing the challenges of managing client expectations for affordable legal services and about the importance of having realistic expectations of what can be achieved through technology.

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