Episode 23 “Applying art to law, and shifting mindsets with Stacy Butler, Director Innovation for Justice”

Episode 23 “Applying art to law, and shifting mindsets with Stacy Butler, Director Innovation for Justice”

In today’s episode no. 23, Stacy Butler, Director, of Innovation for Justice at the University of Arizona Law speaks about the courses she coordinates and teaches, how they came about, what they teach including how they incorporate design thinking methodologies, but most importantly what they add to systems reform in Arizona and especially their local community.

I was amazed to hear about the collaboration both within the courses themselves, with students from a broad range of disciplines, and collaboration across universities, which provides such a powerful voice.

Stacy shared about the importance of supportive leadership in running new initiatives like her courses and where she thinks innovation will make the most difference in the delivery of legal services in the next five years. She commented a few times that I asked her questions no-one had asked her before, not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing …

You will gain a lot from this episode if you are establishing or running an innovative university course, especially one that is multidisciplinary, interested in the connections and impact that can be made by students, universities working with communities and regulators, and especially if like more, you just love the idea of law students and art students working together to develop more effective human services.Links:

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